Has Gold Topped, Mergers and Acquisitions – Webinar #8

[s3mm type=”video” source=”non-s3″ files=”https://youtu.be/0Ysr323ine8″ splash=”https://asymmetricadvisor.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/asymmetric-advisor-webinar.001-1.jpeg” /]

A Special Offer for Asymmetric Guests

Thank you for attending the Asymmetric Advisor webinar #8, we hope you enjoyed the presentation and received plenty of actionable information, including our most recent pick, that we believe has the potential to return 10X over the coming 12-24 months.

The special offer is a gift when you sign up (US Silver Eagle $30 value), plus an entry into a very limited drawing for the 2006 Year of the Dog 1/2 kilo Silver coin (value $800). You have a one in 20 shot, not bad. But more importantly, you’ll be part of the AA membership! And the odds of winning are virtually 100%

If you have any questions about the membership, don’t hesitate to call me, I would be happy to describe the service and member benefits. Thank you again,



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