Monthly Archives: April 2020

Three Rules for Investing in Natural Resource Companies

Rule #1 Only Take on Asymmetric Risks The Asymmetric Advisor focuses on speculating and investing in companies in the Resource Sector. The reason is because of the extreme boom and bust cycles, particularly the junior miners and exploratory companies. They are the riskiest, and as such, the most rewarding companies on the planet to invest […]

How to Select The Best Asset Type

There are many ways to make money in resource investing, extremes in cycles and employing leverage are paramount, however your ability to take full advantage of the asymmetric strategy (small risk versus huge reward) is predicated on using the right type of asset. Several members have asked me about ETFs, or a specific sector index, […]

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What Happens in a Simultaneous Supply and Demand Shock?

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a unique situation on the world economy Manufacturing all over has shutdown. Global supply chains have virtually collapsed. The pandemic has smashed the world capacity to produce. But the virus has also forced entire nations to institute lockdowns and stay at home orders that prevents people from buying stuff. Other […]

What Will Come First Gold $2000 or $1400?

The markets are surging, gold is trying to break through resistance and COVID-19 is threatening our way of life. Perhaps that order should be reversed. Who ever would have thought that we would experience a V recovery? We can’t claim that yet, however the stock market is a forward looking system, and the collective consciousness […]

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Return Original Investment Calculation – The Roy Calc

If you want to build tour wealth, you need to take profits. The hard part to figure, is just that…where do I take profits? Unless you take profits, you ain’t gonna get rich. So, since we hope that our speculative plays turn into long-term investments, and most of them will return multiples on the original […]

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