The 3D Options service started as a supplemental service to the Asymmetric Advisory, a Natural Resources Investment Advisory. Since the Pandemic, it has emerged as a stand alone options education and alert service, officially since July 15 2020. Below is a monthly accounting of the monthly profit and loss summary and comparison to the S&P performance during the same period.

At the end of Campaign #5 I added $2,000 to the reference account so that I could add an additional service, the Zero DTE trade. DTE stands for Days to Expiration. This is an exciting new addition, which for the time being will be tracked along side the standard 3D Options service.


Reference Account Status
Dec 11 equity
Starting Balance: $2,007
Total Return: 39.60%
Average Monthly Return: 7.2%

Max Drawdown: 8.5%

Monthly Performance

Below is the equity curve since inception (July 15, 2020). The large jump is due to a capital infusion of $2,000 to support the new Zero DTE Service.

Monthly Campaign Performance

We break down each month into campaigns so that we can measure our performance based on campaign specifics. This includes strategies, starting capital, and rules. The strategy and rules are continually developing from things we learned from previous campaigns.