At Asymmetric Advisor we have 3 basic services…

  1. The Advisory
  2. 3D Options
  3. Zero DTE

The services are meant to be components of your total portfolio strategy, each service differs by scope, the scope addresses position sizing and allocation, as well as the time frame in which the strategy takes part. All services come with online discussion rooms, based on Discord. All services include complimentary coaching and mentoring at the individual and group level.


The Advisory addresses two things, the big picture, or your entire portfolio, with our implementation of the Dragon Portfolio made popular by Artemis Capital. The Dragon Portfolio defines the way to allocate funds with specific strategies on each of the allocation areas. The Dragon Portfolio is backtested 100 years, showing to be profitable in all markets, including massive down markets such as the crashes of 2009 and 2020, as well as intense market melt ups.

The other part of the Advisory service is as a research newsletter that focuses on the equity allocation of the Dragon Portfolio, where we research and pick Natural Resource companies that have the potential for asymmetric returns. Generally these are mining and royalty companies in the precious metals, energy, and agricultural sectors. We also look at outliers in the Electronic Gaming and Cannabis or Hemp sectors. The service provides detailed analysis and makes picks that are categorized either as speculation or investment. Many of our speculative picks “grow up” into longer term investments.

Due to Covid-19 lockdowns the natural resource industry has shown little activity in the last half of 2020, and our service was dormant for most of the fall and winter, but now the industry is getting back on track. This is great because even though we only made picks for 6 months last year, we achieved an average of > 350% return on our capital! We expect bigger things in 2021.


This service is particularly well suited for novice options traders, or those that are frustrated with their overall performance as a trader, looking for a structured methodology and sound strategies, as well as coaching and mentoring, to help them find their stride and become consistently profitable.

The 3D Options service is shorter term and more speculative, focused on finding stocks or ETFs that have high probability of moving within an identified range or pattern. We apply multi-timeframe analytics, using tools like Volume Profile and Linear regression, as well as some fundamental analysis to identify stocks that we believe will be rangebound within a specific time frame. Generally that time frame is between 7 and 21 days.

We model scenarios using our strategy called 3D Options. The 3D stands for Time, Volatility and Delta. We then find strategies that are generally net selling of premium, such as credit spreads and calendars, and take positions that we believe will allows us to profit should the scenarios play out.

We also employ a time based, continuous improvement methodology called campaign trading that helps us measure our progress over the long term.

Zero DTE

This is a kind of day trading that focuses specifically on the intra weekly options contract offered by S&P 500 products, such as the e-mini S&P futures contract, weekly options on the SPY and on the S&P 500 Index. Each of these offer intra weekly options contracts that expire every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The service is an alert service with live trade room, where we open positions and close them on the list day of expiration. This is a very efficient use of capital, and like the 3D Options service, the strategy mainly focuses on credit spreads and calendars. So we are net sellers of premium.

The specific strategy has a very high probability of profit (PoP) and an extraordinary return on capital (RoC). And like the 3D Options service, we are focused on modeling and placing trades that have the best chance of becoming a winning trade within a very specific time frame, in this case a single market session.

Ideally we will have chosen the right strategy where we do nothing but allow the position to expire worthless, and thereby collect the maximum premium for the position at the end of day. Also like the 3D Options service we employ the same tools, such as Volume profile and Linear Regression.