The Advisory addresses two things, the big picture, or your entire portfolio, with our implementation of the Dragon Portfolio made popular by Artemis Capital. The Dragon Portfolio defines the way to allocate funds with specific strategies on each of the allocation areas. The Dragon Portfolio is backtested 100 years, showing to be profitable in all markets, including massive down markets such as the crashes of 2009 and 2020, as well as intense market melt ups.

The other part of the Advisory service is as a research newsletter that focuses on the equity allocation of the Dragon Portfolio, where we research and pick Natural Resource companies that have the potential for asymmetric returns. Generally these are mining and royalty companies in the precious metals, energy, and agricultural sectors. We also look at outliers in the Electronic Gaming and Cannabis or Hemp sectors. The service provides detailed analysis and makes picks that are categorized either as speculation or investment. Many of our speculative picks “grow up” into longer term investments.

Due to Covid-19 lockdowns the natural resource industry has shown little activity in the last half of 2020, and our service was dormant for most of the fall and winter, but now the industry is getting back on track. This is great because even though we only made picks for 6 months last year, we achieved an average of > 350% return on our capital! We expect bigger things in 2021.