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Why Do We Love Gold Royalty and Streaming Companies

What is a Gold Royalty? A Gold Royalty is simply a contract between an investing company and a gold mining company that gives the investor the right to a percentage of gold production or revenues in exchange for an upfront payment. The advantage to the mining company is an alternative form of financing that provides[…]

Three Rules for Investing in Natural Resource Companies

Rule #1 Only Take on Asymmetric Risks The Asymmetric Advisor focuses on speculating and investing in companies in the Resource Sector. The reason is because of the extreme boom and bust cycles, particularly the junior miners and exploratory companies. They are the riskiest, and as such, the most rewarding companies on the planet to invest[…]

What Happens in a Simultaneous Supply and Demand Shock?

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a unique situation on the world economy Manufacturing all over has shutdown. Global supply chains have virtually collapsed. The pandemic has smashed the world capacity to produce. But the virus has also forced entire nations to institute lockdowns and stay at home orders that prevents people from buying stuff. Other[…]

The Impact of the Wuhan Coronavirus a.k.a. COVID-19 On Our Economy

Today is Saturday March 28th, I am located in the northeastern United States, considered a Coronavirus hotspot in the country. The President of the United Stated, Donald Trump, declared a National Emergency Concerning the Novel Coronavirus Disease Outbreak on March 13, 2020. The virus was first detected in Wuhan, Hubei Province in the People’s Republic[…]

How to Achieve 100X Returns with Asymmetric Risks

Remember the movie The Big Short? You haven’t seen it? Then you must, it’s practically a requirement to be a member at Asymmetric Advisor, besides, it’s a great movie…I’ve personally watched it more than 10 times! The movie is based on Michael Lewis’ book by the same name, The Big Short, released in late 2015.[…]