Options Basics

This mini course is the prerequisite to the 3d Options course. It includes basic concepts you need to understand to trade options successfully.

Module 1 Basics Part 1
Unit 1 Mini Course Introduction
Unit 2 What is the Goal?
Unit 3 Why Options Over Stocks?
Unit 4 Trading Platforms and Levels
Module 2 Basics Part 2
Unit 1 Options Contract Anatomy
Unit 2 Call and Put Basics
Unit 3 Buying and Selling Options
Module 3 Basics Part 3
Unit 1 Profit and Loss Charts
Unit 2 The Options Ladder
Unit 3 Options Terminology
Module 4 Basics Part 4
Unit 1 Assignment of Stock
Unit 2 The Greeks
Unit 3 Options Strategies
Module 5 Basics Part 5
Unit 1 The Trading Options Edge  - Preview
Unit 2 Selecting the Best Strategy the 3D Way
Unit 3 The Options Trade Check List
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